CGN Welcomes PCGamingForum

    By Epod, 0

    Carbon Gaming Network was founded with the purpose of becoming just as the name entails - a gaming network. Up until now, however, our community has been heavily rooted in CS:GO. 

    As some might have noticed, a Minecraft server has been pending creation for quite some time (as shown in our server tracker). Up until now, this has been a one-man effort - however, today this changes. Enter the PCGamingForum community. Over the past few weeks, CGN and PCGaming have been discussing a merging of resources - specifically surrounding the launch of a Minecraft and ARK server. Two games that CGN has previously no footholds in. 

    Due to the fact that the PCGaming community already has a backing of players, staff, and creators for their servers, this drastically brings up the launch schedule for the servers we hope to host. 

    Welcome @Rocktrns the leader of PCGaming. The specifics surrounding the merger are still being ironed out, however, the foundation has been discussed and agreed on. PCGaming will be absorbed under the CGN name, along with its members and staff. @Rocktrns will be given a Lead Admin rank and have authority under the Minecraft and ARK servers they are bringing over. His staff will also, at launch, only be given staff permissions to the PCGaming servers (now known as CGN). Likewise, the CS:GO Admins will continue to remain Admins only under the CGN CS:GO servers and report only to @kciN[FL]

    We are very excited to welcome our new friends and thrilled to see this propel Carbon Gaming Network towards its original vision - to become a network of the best game servers around. 

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    RIP Otis 1981-2015

    By Renegade, 0

    Well what can I say. I had known John for going on a little more than two years now. We originally met back in Opium Gaming when I had first started playing there. Otis and I had spoken numerous times during my stay in OG. Most of our conversations pertained to the numerous issues that I had wanted to see fixed within OG because I did love playing there. Unfortunately, a bunch of the things that he had brought up to the other members of staff were shot down and discredited even though they were all things worth looking into or implementing. I myself got fed up with the fact that nothing was getting done within the community and decided that I wanted to split and form my own community with people that actually gave a damn. At that time Otis and I really started to bond and came together to come up with and establish what we currently have now.

    The two of us had laid out and planned a bunch of stuff for this community that we really thought would be awesome and he was a big deal to both myself and to CGN. I know that a few of you might not have ever had the pleasure of getting to know Otis but let me tell you, he was one hell of a guy and without him we probably wouldn't all be here right now. I am deeply sad that we lost such a great guy with one of the biggest hearts and the greatest senses of humor I've ever seen within a human being.

    I do fully plan on carrying out what we had planned for this community in his honor.

    In his honor I’d like to arrange a viewing of Yeti: A Love Story with the community. For those of you that don't know, this was one of Otis's favorite troma films that he loved to share with people. Judge and myself were the only two to my knowledge who ever powered through the entire film and I think it would be a great way to remember some of the good times we all had. I'll be posting the get together time sometime later this week for anyone who's interested in getting together to watch it.

    Rest In Peace Otis.





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