CGN Year #2

    By Renegade, 0

    Hello, everybody! It has been quite some time since I have put out an actual announcement about the community. I would like to take this time to apologize for my lack of time/commitment as of the last half of 2015. I've been caught up with a bunch of IRL drama and haven't put much time into the community because of it, among other things... Things seem to be settling down around me though so I should be able to get back into the swing of things. With that out of the way, myself and some of my good friends/staff have been working on some things behind the scenes for you guys!

    First and foremost, we have launched a new site for CGN. The old site was never meant to be used for as long as it was... It was always supposed to be a gateway to a much better site that we had planned on pushing out a few months after launching the community. This new site was done to promote the functionality that the old forum had but done in a much cleaner and intuitive manner. If you have any feedback or suggestions about the site I'll have something setup for you guys to post it to so we can better keep track of it.

    The next thing I'd like to address are the servers. We launched our surf servers in January of 2015 and our trade server followed shortly after them. When we had launched the surf servers Flaudgin, myself and Malt had put a great deal of work into them to ensure that we had the best servers bar none in CS:GO. We succeeded in that goal and we were very proud of what we had accomplished with them. As some of you may already know, both myself and Flaudgin had been pretty disappointed in the population the surf servers had been receiving after the tremendous amount of work that we had put into them. I'll put it quite bluntly, we were annoyed that we were being beat out by a bunch of sub-par servers ran by people who didn't give a flying fuck about the surfing community. With that said, with all the issues I was having at home and my continued frustration with how our surf servers were doing population wise I had kinda given up on them. I know this is probably not a good thing to be saying to you guys but it is partially why I had been distancing myself from the surf servers as the months had passed. I was sitting here a couple weeks ago when I had thought about why I wanted to start my own surf servers in the first place. I didn't want to run my own surf servers for the stupidly high population that OG had received; I wanted to start my own servers so that myself and my friends could have a quality place to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I seemed to have forgotten that as time had passed and I do apologize for it. I would like to thank my best friend Flaudgin for keeping the surf servers going while I was away. He has put in a tremendous amount of work and he really deserves your guys' thanks. Now that I have stumbled back upon my original realization I am trying to get us back to being the best servers in GO again and I hope you guys still trust me to get us there.

    Surf isn't the only thing that we've been doing for the past year so I would also like to say thanks to my amazing trade staff and here's to another amazing year!

    Still on the topic of servers, we have just released our newest timer update for the surf servers. I'll be posting a full changelog of what has been added/changed/fixed. Credits to Malt on the rewrite of course. Trade will also be receiving some new updates soon so stay tuned for that. With surf and trade covered I'd like to say that we're going to be opening some more servers soon including our newly released Minecraft server that Epod has been working on tirelessly for quite some time. We'll be releasing details on some of the new CS:GO servers that we plan on pushing out sometime in the near future too!

    In closing, I'd just like to say here's to a happy 2016 for CGN and I'm excited to show you guys what else we have in store!

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    RIP Otis 1981-2015

    By Renegade, 0

    Well what can I say. I had known John for going on a little more than two years now. We originally met back in Opium Gaming when I had first started playing there. Otis and I had spoken numerous times during my stay in OG. Most of our conversations pertained to the numerous issues that I had wanted to see fixed within OG because I did love playing there. Unfortunately, a bunch of the things that he had brought up to the other members of staff were shot down and discredited even though they were all things worth looking into or implementing. I myself got fed up with the fact that nothing was getting done within the community and decided that I wanted to split and form my own community with people that actually gave a damn. At that time Otis and I really started to bond and came together to come up with and establish what we currently have now.

    The two of us had laid out and planned a bunch of stuff for this community that we really thought would be awesome and he was a big deal to both myself and to CGN. I know that a few of you might not have ever had the pleasure of getting to know Otis but let me tell you, he was one hell of a guy and without him we probably wouldn't all be here right now. I am deeply sad that we lost such a great guy with one of the biggest hearts and the greatest senses of humor I've ever seen within a human being.

    I do fully plan on carrying out what we had planned for this community in his honor.

    In his honor I’d like to arrange a viewing of Yeti: A Love Story with the community. For those of you that don't know, this was one of Otis's favorite troma films that he loved to share with people. Judge and myself were the only two to my knowledge who ever powered through the entire film and I think it would be a great way to remember some of the good times we all had. I'll be posting the get together time sometime later this week for anyone who's interested in getting together to watch it.

    Rest In Peace Otis.





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