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  1. Name: Justin Alias: MrMulletMan Age: 19 Location: Canada/Usa Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  Application for Manager Admin Position Name: Justin IGN: MrMulletMan TimeZone: EST Age: 19 Hours you can be on: I can definitely meet the required minimum hours and even surpass them and be on quite a bit. However, the time of the day I am on really depends on when my classes are next semester because I am currently studying. (20-25 hours a week will be no problem for me). Past experience in this position: I have never been in this exact position before with these specific tasks but I have been Head Admin quite a few times, Owned servers and been through pretty much everything that every rank entitles. I have experienced nearly every scenario that can be thrown at a staff members way. I feel qualified for everything this position demands and feel that I would be most effective in this position. Strategies to advertise: My strategies to advertise would start with building a name and a logo. Something to catch the eye of people. I'm currently studying Business and I take classes in Media part time where I'm always learning the newest and best ways to advertise different products and in this car the server. I believe that we need to sell ourself to the players and attract the crowd this server wants and appeal to the society that plays the game of Minecraft. Appealing to the proper audience is the first step in building this server. If we can create a solid base of players the rest will be easy. Can you create banners, artwork, videos, etc.? This I can do, I have a lot of experience with C4D, Photoshop and other programs of that sort. I've created animated youtube intro's, server banners, channel art and pretty much anything in-between. You name it, I'll make it. Can you find people to promote our network and reach out to them? I know many people around my University that are just as interested in gaming as I am. We have a social media page where many gamers have joined to share any information about servers, lobby's, games etc.. I would without a doubt give them a shout. There are also many Youtubers on that private page that are always interested in advertising for other members. I could create a video with C4D and have him post it or do something along those lines. Describe ability to communicate effectively and professionally: I find myself to be very mature and have been part of business meetings and know how to conduct myself in certain situations. I'm a University student looking to pursue a career in business and media. I find that these courses have shaped me to make effective professional decisions when needed. What can you bring to this network: I can bring a lot to this server, I will bring my presence along with all of the tasks you hand me. I bring experience and maturity to the staff which from what I have seen already has that and I believe I would fit in just great. I believe every server staff must be professional and experienced and I have been looking for a server to share my knowledge about the game, advertising and artwork with and I have finally found a server worth helping. I see potential in this server and would really like to help make this server something spectacular. Tell us a bit about yourself: I think what I have said above pretty much described me. I'm an outgoing, mature young man looking to help out a great server. I have the knowledge and experience about the things this position requires to really do a very good job with it. I will not let you down if I am awarded this position. Reason for Applying:  I chose to apply for this server because I see a lot of potential. I have been looking for a server to put my knowledge about Minecraft, media and graphic design to and I believe this network is an amazing opportunity to do so. The mature community really caught my eye and is exactly what I am looking for.