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  1. Name: Keith Alias: Myst1411 Age: 16 Location: PA Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  Here's a few fun facts about me - I absolutely love coffee - I'm a very sociable person, and love talking to new people! - I guess you could say I was somewhat "well known" on PMC for my blogs, but that was years ago. - I've had experience with over 20+ staff teams, servers, networks, communities, etc. - One of my favorite & current favorite MMORPGs is Black Desert Online. Reason for Applying:  I would like to help & be apart of a growing community. I have years of experience under my belt, and have a wide variety of talents. To make this easier and more organized, I'll just use a bullet list. - Builder: I'm a well experienced Builder in Minecraft, and have been apart of countless build teams, so I am well aware of all styles, techniques, and hidden secrets when it comes to making amazing structures in the server. - Developer: I have just began my adventure into the realm of HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding. So I do have a bit of development knowledge as well. I also have a complete understanding of how server files, config files, plugins, etc. work. - Head Administrator/Manager: I have been Head-Admin/Manager of countless servers, and feel that it is a position that best suits me. I enjoy being able to help maintain a community, and act as it's heart & soul. When it comes to being a leader, I feel that I'm able to fill that role effectively. When I'm given a task, I make sure it's done with both quality, and efficiency. I never leave a job undone, and I will always make sure that those with jobs left undone do not go without some form of punishment. All in all, when I'm in this position, both you & the community can always count on me.