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  1. Name: Rishabh Alias: DoctorNarwhalz Age: 15 Location: Massachusetts Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  I'm a 15 year old that likes to play games and hang out with friends if I'm not busy with anything. I like to go to the gym to stay fit. I also like to spend my time skateboarding with my friends during the summer. I play football for my school as a after school sport. I like to play Call of Duty a lot since I've been playing it since Black ops 1 came out. I enjoy going to school since I get to see my friends and so I'm not playing on the computer all day and not getting a good education. As for school activities I do Unicef and best buddies. Best Buddies is were kids who choose to help out the other kids in the school that have certain disabilities. I'm also a "unofficial tutor" since I help out the Freshman with things they don't understand during my free time in school to get community service hours. Reason for Applying:  I choose to apply to this Network because I want to make this Network hacker and rude people free as you know I've had some bad experience with that. I also choose to apply so I could be apart of a team and to get to know other people because knowing others and making new friends can help out in the future. I also want to help out as much as I can to make this server a good and enjoyable server for all kinds of people to play. I want to keep this server racist free.