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  1. suggections

    Looks good! Ill check out both suggestions tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hey guys, My name is Christian. Im an 11th grade coder. Ill be working on plugins and overall server well being. If you see me, feel free to say Hi. I like meeting new people so I cant wait to see what this Network has in store!
  3. Name: Christian Hitchcock Alias: blastman3000 Age: 16 Location: Texas Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  I'm a 11th grade high school student who has a passion for taking things apart and putting them together again. I like coding in, but not limited to, java. I've made custom plugins for a few servers and make clients for friends. Reason for Applying:  I recently remodeled a server (kicked out abusive staff, updated new plugins, implemented my own). I found it extremely interesting and rewarding after doing so, yet due to the Owner himself being immature, I felt the need to depart. Now I am searching for a new home where my skills may flourish and I may be in a healthy, mature environment. I also hear of people who may know a thing or two (or a lot) more than me and am very interested in learning anything and everything I can! Thank you!