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  1. Name:  Alias: Broken Age: 16 Location: Centreville Virginia Position Applying For: CS:GO Trade Steam Community URL: SteamRep URL: Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  Hello, I'm Broken, and a few months ago I was an admin but got demoted due to inactivity (went on a break from trading and everything related to it, didn't give a heads up). So, I was interested in reapplying. I'm going to be 17 by January 6th, and currently am in High School. I may be busy with my school, but I always end up spending several hours on the weekends, and an hour or two each week on these servers. Usually I'm at my computer from 4-6 P.M. EST talking with people such as Ady, Howl, and Natsu. Reason for Applying:  Due to the time I spend on CGN, I became re-motivated to apply for a staff position in CGN again. I never had much bans before (only had one) but that's because most of the times I was rather lenient and a bit more forgiving towards people, believing that with a little warning they can change for the better. I want to reapply for a staff position as I would like to help once again with the server, and will be able to spend several hours each week helping out people. I've also had plenty of experience as a moderator and admin on servers. Such servers I've been staff in include BwR Deathrun ( A COD 4 server, doesn't exist now anymore unfortunately) and B2R Minigames (Which also shut down recently). Best Regards, Broken
  2. We should make the map smaller imo, way too huge atm. Also feel like surf / long jump need to be made easier. Maybe add another kz map that is a little bit brighter than before? current map looks a little bit depressing,
  3. Name: Alias: Broken Age: 15, 16 in a week Location: Virginia, USA Position Applying For: Trade Admin Steam Community URL: SteamRep URL: Microphone: Yes About Yourself: I have known many of the mods and admins in this server and have been active in this server since it first began. I had not however been active during the summer as I was on a vacation to my country of birth, Iran. Usually I am very responsive on steam, sometimes I may miss a message or two, but I will almost always be ready to respond to requests. I used to be a moderator on a call of duty 4 deathrun server which died out almost one year ago. Recently I have also been on the teamspeak a lot, as I don't have much to do now anyways and I enjoy talking with other people and joking around with them. Hopefully I would get to know more about the other admins I haven't had the opportunity to speak with. Reason For Applying: I have had previous experience moderating a community, I used to be a moderator on a deathrun call of duty 4 server, and have been a moderator in a minigames server as well in counter strike, so I do have some experience as to how to contribute to a community's well being. I have been friendly with many people, I usually explain my thoughts and reasoning as well behind what I do and often like to help out others. Thanks for reading, and have a good day.