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  1. Welcome to CGN y'all! Glad to have more on board.
  2. Can you shitlords stop posting on this thread?
  3. but trading is absolutely fucked right now lol
  4. I only have rare-pattern items and katos so I'm doing ok. If I sold everything I had for their proper prices to people who were looking for them I'd probably be near 200k
  5. Nice name history https://gyazo.com/0fa06aca5118ee73fe0fc54ce7f46ac1 I was muting people who were interrupting adverts. I made it extremely clear that I was in no mood to be on the server because none of the other staff decided to do anything, which is a big issue we're having right now. I also made it clear that anyone who interrupted would be muted. Most of the mutes expired after around 6 minutes since that was all the time left in the map, and it's not like advertising in text chat is impossible. I banned 3 players last night, including you. One was for spamming chat and saying the n word, the other was being a massive idiot trying to antagonize me for muting people who were interrupting adverts. Clearly since your initial name was CGN IS THE NEW SLAYERS, the server was in 10/10 shape and didn't need me to come in and mute some people who were interrupting ads and spamming chat. However, since I did do just that, I am now a Communist Dictator. See you in a month
  6. Mutes reset at the end of every round, so if you were muted 5 minutes into the round, the max you'd be muted for is 25 minutes. Unless he muted you into the next round, which I doubt any sane staff would do, I think you're exaggerating the length of the mute. Not to say I don't believe you about what happened, I'd just like to see some proof to back it up.
  7. Howl just doesn't wanna say Brii brought him :^)
  8. was stalking kciN
  9. Pretty sure I had to mute you for interrupting people today. Based on that, I don't know how much I believe you in this report.
  10. Fz you're the biggest piece of shit to be on the server. I will make myself crystal clear: I do not fucking like you. At all. There's a reason I perma'd you before. http://imgur.com/a/hf9zs Remember how you trash talked the server after I perma'd you for doing nothing but be disrespectful on the server? Apparently causing shit with literally every person you see on the server is "no reason" If it were up to me you wouldn't even be on Slayers, they don't deserve your toxicity. Every day I see you on the server you're either arguing with someone or calling someone names. You need to grow the fuck up if you want to stay on CGN, cuz I'm fucking sick of the way you've been acting. He ignores Admins until threatened with a ban, then he turns into a complete kiss-ass so he doesn't get himself banned. Even the first day I met him he insulted my entire inventory and harassed me, and I hadn't even talked to him before that. This was directly after an incident where I banned someone for too long after a bad day so I was trying to be lenient but I truly regret not banning you permanently on the spot right then and there. If I'd known you would've caused this much trouble on the server and been a toxic cunt the entire time you were here I'd have banned you instantly. You constantly bend the rules, getting close to being banned but stop 1mm short of it so you don't get yourself perm'd for the 3rd time. Get off my server /rant
  11. A !room command to teleport directly in front of a room. Also what Red said about the rule boards, too small of a font and too far away to be viable. As for the minigames, I'd say have 2 surfs: 1 tricksurf where people can record and showcase items or just have fun and 1 skillsurf around Tier 2/3 so most people can do it. Long Jump isn't hard, but it requires skill, so I'd say leave that alone for now. Also, a Shooting Range would be really nice. I like the current map design where we have a kind of medieval theme to it, and as much as I love flying around in the large area we have, too many people complain about it. I know this was said before but I want to put some emphasis on it. Perhaps we can keep the overall theme in a more compact area like the previous map. Someone suggested secret rooms in the towers since usually our 8 rooms are occupied, I think it's a kind of good idea but would be a hassle for unskilled surfers/strafers to get to. I'd also like to put a very OBVIOUS sign pointing towards the portal to the main map from spawn since I almost always see 3 or 4 people there asking where the rooms/rest of the map is. I know we have a giant spinning purple wheel of magic but some people don't get the hint.
  12. Paid me to unmute him and advertise during server chaos +1 no really he's a great guy and I see him online all the time
  13. I've been on the server for a few hours nearly every day since around June/July.
  14. Name: Andrew Alias: Fayse [Trading] Age: 16 Location: Near Los Angeles, California Position Applying For: Trade Admin Steam Community URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WhatsHisFAYSE/ SteamRep URL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198046851105 Microphone: Yes About Yourself: I love lots of things! Food, cats, dogs, csgo, trading, knives, and so on. (Especially the food part!) I've been gaming for a majority of my life, ever since I got Sonic Adventures on the Gameboy Advanced (Cream was OP) Nowadays I spend my time doing homework, trading, playing video games and hanging out with friends. I'm always down to try new things as long as no one gets hurt by it. I've been trading on CSGO for the past year and the only -rep I've gotten was someone who randomly added me and -repped me before deleting and blocking me. I kinda play the guitar but it's terrible. I love science, whether it's Chemistry or Physics or Anatomy or Biology, I love it all! Chem is my #1 though Reason For Applying: I'm on the server pretty much every day of the week, and have been here since around the start of summer. More recently, I've noticed a lot of bad-mannered traders are joining the server while there are no staff online. I don't want this server to be the next Slayers with all these micspammers and trolls. Whenever I go on teamspeak to request help with the server I feel like I'm being a bother for not being able to handle it myself. Of course I realize with banning, I'd need to get an Admin to punish the individual for the proper amount of time for their offence, but a mute/gag/kick here and there to help cool down the server would still be a nice power to have. I was an Admin on a semi-big TTT server on Gmod for about a year before moving over to CSGO so I have some experience with the command system used here, it seems quite similar. (ban with minutes). Regardless of the result of this application, I'll still be on the server trying to help out in any way I can. Thank you for considering my application.