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  1. Name: Jordan Alias: Jerdank Age: 19 Location: AR Position Applying For: CS:GO Trade Steam Community URL: SteamRep URL: Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  My name is Jordan or Jerdank. I am currently a freshman in college. I have always traded items, wether it be in TF2 or CSGO. I used to trade a lot in CSGO but I took a break because of school and I have recently decided to get back into trading. When I played TF2, I had unboxed a Stormy Storm Team Captain, which was really expensive at the time. I ended up getting my Team Captain scammed from me because I was young and stupid. I have been trading in CSGO for almost a year now. Reason for Applying:  I decided to apply because I have recently gotten back into trading and CGN is my favorite server. I have been an admin on a TF2 Server and almost an admin on another server, both of which were popular servers at the time. I have also been an admin on The Global Paradise (TGP), so I have quite a bit of admin experience. I feel like I could help improve the server and also be another member of staff that could take care of an issue, if no other staff is available.
  2. C/o is 258 keys .033 FV:
  3. All around good guy. He is very nice as well.
  4. Sorry if the application seems poor in quality, I was sick while I made this.
  5. Name: Jordan Alias: Jerdank Age: 19 Location: U.S. Position Applying For: Trade Admin Steam Community URL: SteamRep URL: Microphone: Yes About Yourself: My name is Jordan. I used to trade in TF2 and then got introduced to the CSGO scene. I am currently a freshman in college. I don't really know what else to put. My favorite color is blue. Reason For Applying: I am applying cause I want to be more involved with the community and keep the community at the standards that it has. I also plan to just overall help people with things they may need and just be productive towards the server and the community.