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  1. This is the official CGN thread to talk about our trade map and server. In this thread if you would like to make a comment about what you like/dislike about our trade map, plugins, or server and WHY. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! -kciN[FL]
  2. So saying the N word is an auto ban, what basement did was put a mute until an admin got on to ban him. The kick we can look into for sure since he should of just kept him muted. A side note if you are muted and come back and rejoin the server it is called mute evasion but since it was a kick in this case it wouldn't apply. We will for sure have a conversation about it but it was his first/second day as mod and he was only protecting the server from traders making racist comments. Closing this thread. -kciN
  3. Will be responding to this post: - kciN[FL]
  4. So one thing I want to get cleared up, two reports where made and one is claiming Host1l said the 'N" word and they other one is saying he said the word "triggered." This is a problem that I have two mod reports with two different sets of information. Seems not right to make a mod abuse report with no proof of anything and two different stories. Link to other post: I would like some clarification on this with some evidence on this situation. Anytime a player gets muted it says in the sever "Playername is muted" in chat which is fair unless the person is blind. -kciN[FL]
  5. KcinFL

  6. I would stalk me too :).
  7. Awesome to hear stories about how they discovered CGN. Love this post, hopefully everyone enjoys it here as much as I do :)! -kciN
  8. hi123 you couldnt tell if your knife was a full fade in our pattern room in the back?
  9. As the Lead Trade Admin here at CGN (Been here since March 2015,trade server came out in 2015) I do appreciate any feedback towards out servers/community/staff. I would take note of this for future meetings/policy decisions. -kciN
  10. Keep in mind a deathmatch in a server is not possible at all really and we are working on the pattern room we are just in need of a graphics designer. -kciN
  11. Both of those traders have been banned, thank you for making this video. -kciN
  12. Does anyone know a graphic designer for the pattern room?
  13. for the two that posted above make sure we check what as already been noted for the new map
  14. CGN is looking to make a brand new trade map from SCRATCH. As a lead admin of this community I would love to have your suggestions. Please post it in a format that is easy to read and I will post an example below. Follow the format below (THINK OF MAP LAYOUT) -Suggest what we could add to the new trade map that we currently DON'T HAVE. -Suggest what we should keep that have been in our CURRENT or PAST trade maps. -Expand your thoughts think about: Theme, Functionality, Aesthetics, Mini Games, Private Rooms, Patterns or ANYTHING else you can think of that would be a very nice addon on to our map. Thank you in advance for your thoughts as any suggestion will help. -kciN Things already Noted: Surrf too hard Map to big needs a speed track or a faster way around the map Needs gravity buttons and fix gravity THINK OF MAP LAYOUT !room command to teleport directly in front of a room think the rule boards need to be bigger font/text and in areas where more people can see them Shooting Range Donator Board/something else for high tier donators update pattern room High Tier Open non private room Another thing that would be great is portals in the start / center of the map to other areas around the map. ASN has a teleport portal that moves you to the rooms A-F or G-L (or whatever it is). This makes it so much easier to get to a room. Lights next to each room green for open red for closed More rooms, alot easier if the rooms are alphebetical (more clearly heard than numbers) smaller rooms there is no need for them to be as big as they are, & a better surf map.