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  2. I seem to have broken towny.... I made the mistake of trying to go to the end, and then a few things happened... 1: The end doesn't exist. 2: I can't get out of the portal. 3: Whenever I try to get on towny, it seems to crash.
  3. *Insert generic intro title here* Hey CGN! I'm coming over on the Minecraft side of things because a friend showed me to the forums, and I'm going to be around somewhat actively. Hopefully I get to meet some of you guys in game and can immerse myself in the CGN MC community some! - Crystalizations
  4. Is LabyMod (Without DamageIndicators) allowed, or fall under disallowed modifications?
  5. Minecraft Server Rules On CarbonGaming we try to create a fun experience for everyone. So like ever other server, we got some basic rules to follow so our community can flourish. Do not cheat, glitch, or hack your clients Be respectful to the Community and staff Do not beg for ranks or items Do not use any modifications (List at the bottom) Do not advertise other servers or websites (Including realms) Do not engage in 18+ content, gore, or shock sites Do not build anything inappropriate Do not impersonate staff Do not make threats to staff or players (DDoS threats, swatting, etc.) Do not post hack accusations in chat (Just report them) Do not spam or use excessive caps Keep cursing to a minimum Inappropriate Minecraft usernames will not be tolerated Use common sense Real World Trading When buying from the donation store, you should only be buying for yourself or as a pure gift for another player. Donating for in game items will be treated as Real world Trading and will be punished accordingly. Account security You and you alone are in charge of your accounts security. If your account breaks a rule while someone else is on it, that will be looked to you for the fault. Therefore the punishment will stay, so do not share accounts please. Alts Previously Alting was against the rules, but after a small discussion, we decided to uplift it and put a few restrictions on them. Do not abuse them to gain immense advantages Do not allow anyone other than yourself use them (They will be banned until proof that they aren't shared comes along) Modifications list Allowed client-side mods: Minimaps that do not show entities (players, mobs, etc) or caves Optifine Shaders TooManyItems NotEnoughItems Armor Status (for your player) Potion Status (for your player) Direction HUD 5zig Mod Replay Mod HCF Togglesneak/HCF Togglesprint Gammabright Some common disallowed mods: Mod/Hack Clients Chat Macros Damage Indicators Health of other players Minimaps with entities displayed Bigger or brighter name tags Fly, Float, and Glide Mods Free cam, free look, or spectator camera Better Sprint mods Smart Moving
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  7. Skygiants server

    The skygiants server will not let anyone in. The console says the server is up, yet on the server when you try to join it says Loading. Restarting the server does nothing.
  8. Name: Joshua Walker Alias: Karmaclaw Age: 16 Location: England Microphone/Teamspeak: No About Yourself:  Name: Joshua IGN: KarmaClaw Time Zone: UTC Age: 16 At least 54 hours a full week, maybe More maybe less. Past experience in this position (not how many times you've been admin, mod, etc.): Well the "owner" rank is not that hard to manage if you do it properly. But yes I have had some past experience with my own server which ran for one year and a bit until it got taken down sadly, I know how to manage players and staff. In my past experience I also was able to recruit new staff to my server without making it to crowded and while making sure none they weren't abusive in any way. I can adapt to new rules pretty quickly since they're not hard. I can indeed 'Configure' plugins with skill and I can be active on the forums, and can explain what is happening on the server I will manage, I'm also pretty organized such as coming on time to any community meeting/staff meeting what is needed, and I also have the responsibility of hosting my own meetings about things me or others would like to discuss. Strategies to manage a community and it's members: Well my strategies are probably: ◙ Listen to what others have to say. ◙ Don't listen to players what are **** talking you (EX: kill yourself,your not good enough, etc) ◙ Offering players an amazing community to play in. ◙ Add new things once and a while to make players think we still care about the server/them. ◙ Make sure all players get a say in whats happening. ◙ Make sure there are no problems in the community what make it a unhappy place. strategies to promote our network (advertise) and reach out to the mine-craft community: To reach out to the mine craft community, I would say make the server stand out, colorful, Some Advertisement websites. People will stay if the server stands out to all the 30-40k + servers out there make it so you can vote for items, get rewards for doing special things, The most important thing is having a custom website. Most use enjin which absolutely does NOT attract players. Describe ability to communicate effectively and professionally: Well communication is one of the key things to running a successful community, if no one listens to each over then it will all go downhill. I usually listen deeply to everything anyone says or has a problem with. Effectively dealing with problems, means with confidence and accuracy. I usually say to myself when talking about problems "Be Resilient" Don't stop trying to help. Talking with an effective tone basically means fixing a problem and fixing it with the outcome you intended. And well professionally I try to do all the time, I try to use capital letters, full stops, commas and using grammar correctly, While not making jokes in serious times or times when it isn't really needed. What can you bring to this network: , I will been as active as I have can. If I couldn’t log on, there were reasons, such as personal reasons, school, family, etc. Every time i log in, I will try to keep a “happy face” on, even at my hard times. I will support the server and the decisions that either are ongoing or upcoming. Also Involvement hasn’t been that much of a problem for me. I try to talk in chat and have fun at times. . I try to be as kind as possibly in any server not just only in the server itself, but as well in Forums. I try to be as active as possible on the forums and help anyone who comes on if they require assistance but I'm also not perfect. I do have my imperfections to make.but it wont be just me who has perfections to make everyone isn’t perfect in what they do. We have our own problems, in which we aim to correct or make better. I will admit, I have had problems, yet I’ve tried to keep my calm. And no matter what, I will continue to perform at my best as much as possible, and continue performing better and better over time. Tell us a bit about yourself: Well my names josh, iv been playing mine craft for four years, I'm quite bad at pvp, but i love to build! even if I'm not the best. i like to get involved, talk to people, say how there day was, etc I'm overall a nice guy really. Skype: Joshua Walker (I DONT have a microphone, which is really a downside to me, and i wont be able to communicate with the staff as much as i can, but il try my best to be involved with meetings etc.) ☤Highly motivated and dedicated (Active at least 40 Hours a week) ✓✓✓ ☤Highly organized and responsible (Maturity) ✓✓✓ ☤Able to meet deadlines, attend meetings, work independently, and maintain progress effectively ✓✓✓ ☤Able to recruit qualified staff members necessary for development and manage them efficiently ✓✓✓ ☤Able to propose new ideas to improve critical aspects ✓✓✓ ☤Able to ensure server stability and currency ✓✓✓ ☤Highly experienced in owning a server, configuring plugins, and all managerial duties ✓✓✓ ☤Responsible with adapting to and learning new information ✓✓✓ Reason for Applying:  All of the application is in the about me page since I applied on minecraft forums.
  9. Yeah it must be something to do with his client.
  10. Unpinning and closing this thread. I made a dedicated section for this at @NerdieBirdieYT - I already added your suggestion there, so no need to report
  11. Disable Scoreboard On Login

    Add an option to disable scoreboard upon login rather than doing /fb off constantly.
  12. Odd. Thank you both!
  13. I have had the same issue as you on different servers and it seemed to fix its self when I lowered my render distance.
  14. I believe that this is client-side.
  15. On that note, I would like to suggest a Nether Spawn type of place, where one can just do /warp nether. I think that would be a good idea for both Towny and Factions.
  16. Nether problem (towny) So, I decided that it would be a good idea to go to the nether. And when I went through the portal, I spawned in lava, and almost instantly died. I don't care about most of what I had on me, except my diamond pickaxes, and my diamond shovel, One had efficiency 5, and unbreaking 5. The other had efficiency 3, unbreaking 3, and fortune 2. My shovel had efficiency 5 and unbreaking 5. The rest of my things can be replaced. My guess is that the custom nether world messed up with the spawn location of the portal.
  17. Glitched Portal Area (Towny) This happens sometimes, has anyone else noticed it? Note: When I do F3 and T the textures are reloaded and the problem is fixed. However, this has happened twice now in this area.
  18. suggections

    Suggestion: Add an option to disable scoreboard upon login rather than doing /fb off constantly.
  19. Approved Welcome to the team!
  20. Name: August Alias: Verukan Age: 17 Location: California Microphone/Teamspeak: Yes About Yourself:  I'm a 17 year old from San Francisco, California. My favorite food is sushi, and I love to surf and play football (not American football). My favorite subject in school is AP Literature, and I'm a bit of a grammar nazi. I love to help people out, hence why I'm applying for this position, and I think it could give me just that opportunity. My favorite color is mint green, and I have an odd fondness for bikes from the 70's. That's about it! Reason for Applying:  I always look for mature owners/staff who know what they're doing when applying for a server. I simply saw this here, in an established company, and viewed it as a opportunity to work under mature individuals who know what they're doing.
  21. Not really stooped, I plan on playing SA:MP whenever I find a decent server.
  22. murphy man i litterally just registered cos i saw your skype shit. have you seriously stooped as low as minecraft? jesus man
  23. Whaddup'. Name is Murf, or Brandon if you wanna be formal. I'm a seventeen year old volunteer firefighter, and in my free time I play video games with friends. I'm a police and fire enthusiast which basically means I know every thing and any thing related to the police service and fire service. I'm a Minecraft Moderator so if y'all ever need me, feel free to hit me up on here, steam, or in-game!
  24. Suh' dude.
  25. Wondering if any one played Company of Heroes (1/2) and Emergency 4 (or 911 First Responders for North Americans). Looking for some people to play with, should be some fun.
  26. Logo designed by Brandonxp So, I figured that instead of having people trying to find the proper wiki that I'd just make a topic regarding the items in McMMO! I thoroughly enjoy McMMO because of all the features it gives on the server and the abilities it gives you. I think personally, people find it difficult to get used to McMMO because of course they are used to the default game and not used to have the typical features of the plugin work, but I'm here to narrow it down! So, let's get started shall we? What is McMMO? McMMO is an open source plugin for Minecraft multiplayer servers that is currently being updated by t00thpick1 and TfT_02. McMMO allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, brand new mechanics and a more in-depth PvP! Playing on an McMMO server requires no changes to your client as the plugin is server-side. What type of content is there? There are many categories in regards to player content that the user can interact with. There is a total of three main categories that have been fiddled with in the code of the plugin. They are gathering, combat, manufacturing and misc. Underneath gathering you have mining, wood cutting, herbalism, excavation, and fishing. Underneath combat you have unarmed, archery, swords, axes, and taming. And, last but not least underneath manufacturing and misc you have repair, acrobatics, alchemy, salvage, and smelting. Each of these areas have their own leveling system, they work in conjunction with the job system that the plugin also provides. What type of abilities is there? Each ability is classed as either passive or active, any thing with "item" would be considered active and "skill" would be passive, obviously. If you ever need help with this plugin, feel free to ask my self or any other staff members and we'd be glad to assist you!
  27. There is already a some what similar plugin in the server, what you do is hit the base of the tree and what's it is completely cut it gradually automatically cuts every thing else as if you're swinging your axe (but you're not, it just does the animation) and it automatically does damage to your tool. Here is a video to explain what I mean (the quality is so low because I didn't bother rendering it and such, just did it to show you the plugin); On a more suggestive note; I suggest we get a Faction/PvE sort of thing going on. I love factions and a lot of other people do too!
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